Antec DataChute PCI PCMCIA Reader

Antec DataChute PCI PCMCIA Reader
Antec send me their DataChute PCI PCMCIA reader. The DataChute PCI is a device which allows your PC to read PCMCIA cards from your laptop. Pretty snazzy.

The cool thing about the DataChute is that it has PCI interface. You plug in the PCI card, run the SCSI-like wire to the 3'1/2" bay (provided), and you're ready to go. The unit allows for two PCMCIA cards to be read at one time. The good thing about the PCI interface is that you have an incredible amount of bandwidth as opposed to USB or serial readers. This is without a doubt the fastest PCMCIA reader I have ever tested.

There's really not much to the unit. It's "by Antec", but is really a Ricoh 5C476. Not much surprise there, Antec is repackaging this bad boy under their own name -- common practice.

Windows 2K & WinXP recognized the device without needing any drivers. However, Antec provides a driver disk with the unit should the need arise. About five seconds after booting into Windows, I was in business.

Here's the Ricoh chip which powers the unit:

I put in some CompactFlash, with an adapter. Unfortunately, the CompactFlash adapter does not come with this unit. It is available from Antec's website for $15 with shipping included, though.

I was able to pull 10MB of pictures off a 16MB CompactFlash card in under 20 seconds, the maximum throughput that CompactFlash can achieve.

The CompactFlash adapter we used:

To keep it short and sweet, this thing rocks. It can read two PCMCIA cards at once, and works really well. Setup was a breeze. We can't forget that this unit is fast as all hell due to the PCI interface. All this for only Good work, Antec!

Pro's: Con's
  • Pretty cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Connects through PCI - Blazingly fast
  • Drivers are already in Windows
  • Reads two PCMCIA cards at once
  • Must have a free PCI slot
  • The included cable isn't verylong
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