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Optiarc Ad-7201 S-ata Dvd Writer Firmware 1.05 S , and more.
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Driver Name Date Added To Database Original Drivers In Packet Most Popular OS Requiring Update Most typical Problem Caused By Outdated Driver Updated Driver Propagation Number Of Page Views
Optiarc ad-7201 s-ata dvd writer firmware 1.05 s driver28.8.201716Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)Disk INdex DamageApplication1214
Chameleon mega video camera driver9.11.201538Windows 8Software CrashApplication + PC Optimizer Sites9987
Carl zeiss axiocam mrc5 driver7.3.201724Windows XP Tablet PC EditionConnection FailureNo Data Found936
Camcorder dv de jvc driver4.12.201624Windows Vista Home PremiumDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Help Websites7316
Optiarc ddu1675a dvd firmware 1.13 driver29.9.201625Windows XP Media Center EditionCPU OveruseNo Data Found4847
Coach video camera driver28.9.201722Windows Vista UltimateSoftware FreezeApplication1497
Optiarc nd-4550 p-ata dvd writer firmware 1.09 s driver21.7.20179Windows XP Home Edition NReported Disk FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website2532
Optiarc ad-7200 p-ata dvd writer firmware 1.05 s driver5.1.201715Windows XP Home Edition NDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Maintenance Blogs4754
Optiarc nd-2500 p-ata dvd writer firmware 1.0b s driver7.9.201667Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Reported Disk FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Microsoft Website2185
Optiarc ad-7200 p-ata dvd writer firmware 1.01 s driver24.5.201732Windows 7 Home BasicConnection CrashApplication5548
Jetway 945gcm2s-a1-6h bios a02 driver27.8.201510Windows 8 ProBlue ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Manufacturer's Website5615
Jetway m26gtm-3vp bios 4.2 driver5.5.201514Windows XP ProfessionalOS SlowdownApplication + Windows Installation Disk3343
Jetway j7f4k1g bios 08 driver20.7.201517Windows Vista StarterOS FreezeApplication15771
Jetway ha01-gt2 turbo bios a04 driver16.10.201645Windows XP Tablet PC EditionBlue ScreenApplication + PC Help Websites5670
Jetway ha01-gt3 bios a10 driver21.4.201514Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Software FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website2958
Jetway in73m2-uhg-vt bios a02 driver26.6.201748Windows 8 EnterpriseUSB FailureApplication6319
Jetway ha01-pdge bios a10 driver28.3.201522Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware SlowdownApplication3101
Jetway 945gcm2s-a2-6h bios a02 driver7.3.201520Windows XP Home Edition NWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Blogs6185
Jetway in73m2-vs bios a02 driver20.8.201521Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Reported Disk DamageApplication3466
Jetway ha02 bios a02 driver1.5.201718Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Software FreezeNo Data Found1422
Jetway computer j7f3 bios a02 driver18.3.201714Windows XP Starter EditionWhite ScreenApplication + Manufacturer's Website5388
Jetway 945gcvm2g-a2-8h bios a02 driver2.4.201516Windows 7 StarterSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Help Websites + PC Maintenance Forums5668
Jetway j7f2we1g3s-lf bios 18 driver8.3.201741Windows XP Professional x64 EditionSoftware FreezeApplication + PC Help Websites + PC Optimizer Sites5279
Jetway 865gdmp bios 1.06 driver31.7.201719Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)CPU OveruseApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Databases1815
Jetway in73m2-pdg-vt bios a03 driver22.7.201747Windows Vista BusinessBlue ScreenApplication + Manufacturer's Website4641
Jetway m26gtm-3vp bios 4.1 driver7.10.201722Windows 8 EnterpriseOS FailureApplication9203
Jetway computer atom-gm1 bios a03 driver19.3.201716Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Software FailureApplication8682
Jetway computer nf77 bios a03 driver15.11.201525Windows 7 ProfessionalSoftware CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Sites5203
Jetway m26gtm-3vp bios a05 driver28.4.201721Windows XP Home Edition NOS FailureApplication3185
Jetway atom-gm1-330 bios a03 driver8.8.201665Windows Vista Home BasicConnection SlowdownApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Microsoft Website4238
Jetway j7f4k1g3 bios 08 driver18.10.201649Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Software FailureApplication + PC Optimizer Sites7977
Jetway in73m2-phg-vt bios a03 driver5.5.201639Windows 7 StarterReported Disk DamageApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + PC Help Websites4467
Jetway pa77gta-vt bios a02 driver13.2.201729Windows Vista Home BasicUSB FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums4806
Jetway j7f4k1g3 bios 07 driver11.2.201749Windows XP Professional NOS FailureApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Windows Installation Disk2377
Optalert base station driver21.1.201617Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Software CrashNo Data Found5935
Ojprok550_en_ driver19.11.201534Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Disk INdex DamageApplication + PC Help Websites + Manufacturer's Website5063
Officejet 7200 series (dot4usb) driver14.6.201720Windows XP ProfessionalOS FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Blogs4419
Ojprok850_ge_setup.exe driver24.7.201748Windows 7 StarterUSB FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Optimizer Sites4632
O761enx.exe driver7.7.201629Windows XP Tablet PC EditionSoftware CrashApplication + Microsoft Website + Manufacturer's Website1870
Ojprok550_cz_setup.exe driver26.6.201719Windows XP Starter EditionConnection CrashApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Microsoft Website7636
Orange micro orangelink ohci ieee 1394 host controller driver20.2.201550Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)CPU OveruseApplication9725
Ohci ieee 1394b host controller driver31.5.201565Windows XP ProfessionalOS CrashApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Maintenance Blogs4121
Ojprok550_du_setup.exe driver30.11.201620Windows 7 Home BasicConnection SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Optimizer Sites1250
Ojprok550_fi_setup.exe driver5.7.201542Windows XP Starter EditionOS FreezeApplication5193
O793enx.exe driver15.3.201523Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Software FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + Manufacturer's Website4448
Open labs encoder control panel (loader) driver30.10.201619Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003OS CrashApplication + Driver Scanner Databases10592
Ojprok850_fi_setup.exe driver14.9.201758Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Blue ScreenApplication + Manufacturer's Website4032
Ojprok550_hb_setup.exe driver7.1.201730Windows 7 Home BasicOS SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Sites6315
Ojprok550_ru_setup.exe driver14.7.201730Windows XP Home Edition NReported Disk DamageApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Optimizer Sites10521
Ojprok550_hu_setup.exe driver13.1.20168Windows Vista BusinessBlue ScreenApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Optimizer Sites4497
Ojprok550_fr_setup.exe driver28.3.201729Windows 8 EnterpriseConnection SlowdownApplication + PC Help Websites + Driver Scanner Sites5881
Ojprok850_sw_setup.exe driver18.7.201621Windows 8White ScreenNo Data Found3872
Ojprok550_ct_setup.exe driver19.5.201531Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Blue ScreenApplication + PC Help Websites + PC Optimizer Sites3811
Ojprok850_fr_setup.exe driver14.10.201517Windows 8 EnterpriseReported Disk DamageApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Blogs4725
Ojprok550_sw_setup.exe driver26.7.201710Windows 7 Home PremiumCPU OveruseApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + Windows Installation Disk1733
T-sinus 154pcicard driver24.3.201527Windows 7 Home PremiumConnection FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Manufacturer's Website3985
Tdk global pro isdn combo card driver30.1.201715Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004OS FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + Windows Installation Disk339
T-eumex ndiswan miniport driver20.1.201730Windows Vista UltimateBlue ScreenApplication5775
Te2100pxi development and prototyping kit driver11.1.201728Windows Vista Home BasicSoftware FreezeApplication1896
Test_drv_nt40_3comnic_vrfast_e.exe driver13.9.201644Windows Vista UltimateSoftware FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites5506
Talkswitch cva phone system driver5.12.201621Windows 7 UltimateReported Disk DamageApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Help Websites6830
T-dsl-adapter (t-online) driver22.8.201721Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)OS FailureApplication16069
Teles.s0/16.3c plug and play driver20.9.201721Windows XP ProfessionalOS FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites1676
Tprodisk.exe driver12.6.201519Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004CPU OveruseApplication3602
Terayon cable modem (ndis 5) driver8.3.201614Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Connection FreezeApplication + PC Optimizer Sites5221
Tok driver8.8.201713Windows XP Starter EditionConnection FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Help Websites4358
T4220_wlan_intel_v11.1.0.90_vista.exe driver22.1.201733Windows 7 Home BasicConnection FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Microsoft Website7887
T4220_wlan_atheros_v4.2.2.14_xptpc.exe driver12.11.201616Windows Vista Home BasicWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Databases1802
T3010_wlan_intel_v1.2.0.58_xptpc.exe driver11.1.201733Windows XP Tablet PC EditionBlue ScreenNo Data Found1661
Tprow95.exe driver2.4.201745Windows Vista UltimateBlue ScreenApplication + Microsoft Website4920
Trust 100mb network pc-card driver17.3.201623Windows Vista UltimateDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases2613
Teles.s0/pci driver9.3.201658Windows XP Professional NSoftware CrashApplication + PC Help Websites2207
Trlokom network miniport v.2.1 driver1.12.201516Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)OS FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + PC Optimizer Sites2640
Bdf718en.exe driver28.4.201579Windows XP Professional NReported Disk FailureApplication6806
B3nt4r210.exe driver5.3.201628Windows 7 Home BasicOS SlowdownApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Help Websites5060
B9xr1103.exe driver21.12.201547Windows Vista BusinessWhite ScreenApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Windows Installation Disk5515
Bdf780en.exe driver30.7.201616Windows 8 ProConnection FreezeApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Blogs2958
Uniwill n222 vga driver3.6.201725Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003OS CrashApplication + Driver Scanner Databases3835
Uniwill n351s2 audio 1.1 driver23.1.201746Windows XP Media Center EditionOS FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases15544
Uniwill n34a vga 1.2 driver30.4.201726Windows XP Tablet PC EditionDisk INdex DamageApplication3980
Uniwill n35bs2 audio 1.2 driver10.1.201638Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsCPU OveruseApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Forums3290
Uniwill n34bs3 audio 1.2 driver6.10.201729Windows Vista BusinessConnection SlowdownApplication6375
Uniwill 755ia vga 8.02 driver10.7.201767Windows 8Connection CrashNo Data Found4692
Uniwill n356 vga 1.2 driver3.4.201748Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Reported Disk DamageApplication6203
Uniwill n34bs3 vga 1.2 driver11.5.201745Windows XP 64-bit EditionDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs3492
Uniwill n243s8/s9 vga 1.3 driver23.8.201641Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Disk INdex DamageApplication + Windows Installation Disk13305
Uniwill 755ii1 vga 1.3 driver15.2.201765Windows 8 ProOS CrashApplication + Microsoft Website3856
Uniwill 755ii8 vga 1.3 driver26.2.201622Windows RTWhite ScreenApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Windows Installation Disk2883
Uniwill n351s4 vga 1.2 driver12.2.201716Windows Vista UltimateReported Disk FailureNo Data Found19474
Uniwill n258sax vga 8.01 driver3.4.201737Windows 7 Home BasicOS SlowdownApplication + Manufacturer's Website1407
Uniwill 755si4 vga 1.2 driver31.1.201621Windows 7 ProfessionalUSB FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Maintenance Blogs3012
Uniwill n251s6 vga 8.02 driver22.11.201629Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)OS FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs10424
Uniwill l372n1 vga 1.2 driver18.1.201639Windows XP Tablet PC EditionOS FailureApplication6389
Uniwill m50ei vga 1.0 driver19.3.201750Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Connection FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Forums1154
Uniwill 755in vga 1.3 driver25.6.201737Windows 8Software FreezeApplication1488
Uniwill 257sa1 vga 1.2 driver10.3.201719Windows 7 Home PremiumUSB FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + Driver Scanner Sites6605
Uniwill p71en0 vga 1.0 driver17.8.201530Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Software FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Microsoft Website1892
Uniwill n766s vga 3.0 driver28.3.201714Windows 8 EnterpriseOS FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Databases7316
Uniwill n243s2 vga 1.3 driver31.7.201738Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Connection CrashApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Forums17729
Uniwill l373n1 vga 1.0 driver10.7.201724Windows Vista BusinessOS SlowdownApplication + Windows Installation Disk3770
Uniwill m30eix vga 1.3 driver2.3.201565Windows XP Media Center EditionBlue ScreenApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Manufacturer's Website8902
Xerox dp n4525 ps driver25.10.201524Windows XP Tablet PC EditionWhite ScreenApplication9508
Xerox docucolor 40 cp v1.0 driver4.10.201556Windows 7 UltimateOS SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases2473
Xerox phaser 2135 ps driver19.11.201645Windows Vista StarterUSB FailureApplication8190 driver5.7.201730Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Software FailureApplication3540
Xerox dp n2125 pcl5e driver28.2.201536Windows XP Tablet PC EditionWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Forums3704
Xerox nuvera ea dps ps3 driver12.9.201651Windows XP ProfessionalConnection FailureApplication4301
Xerox workcentre m118 ps driver25.3.201626Windows Vista UltimateConnection FreezeApplication1798
Xerox dsp250 ps driver8.11.201513Windows XP Professional x64 EditionConnection FailureApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Windows Installation Disk4988
Xerox phaser 3600 pcl 6 driver5.5.201711Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005OS CrashApplication + PC Help Websites + PC Optimizer Sites5890
Xerox documate 272 driver4.2.201749Windows 7 Home BasicConnection CrashNo Data Found1504
Xerox dxp250 ps driver11.3.201726Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Reported Disk FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Databases3549
Xerox docucolor 2006 driver4.2.201635Windows 8 ProOS CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Windows Installation Disk6816
Xerox docuprint n24/n32/n40 ps3 driver31.1.201660Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsSoftware CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases10803
Xerox phaser 6100 driver25.6.201733Windows Vista UltimateConnection FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + PC Maintenance Forums7701
Xerox nuvera 288 dps pcl6 driver25.8.201640Windows XP 64-bit EditionConnection SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases4458
Xerox phaser 5400 ps driver5.8.201619Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Connection FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Sites1399
Xerox docuprint c55 ps driver1.10.201732Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Connection CrashApplication1421
Xerox_dc2240_1632_ driver13.6.201642Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Software SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Forums885
Xerox fc 116 ps driver2.12.201650Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Reported Disk DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Forums12481 driver20.4.201619Windows Vista Home PremiumSoftware FreezeNo Data Found4287
Xerox phaser 3450 ps driver4.10.201728Windows Vista Home PremiumWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Windows Installation Disk23041
Xerox workcentre c226 pcl5c driver17.12.201632Windows 8 ProSoftware FreezeApplication6866 driver17.5.201545Windows XP Professional NOS CrashApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Help Websites6232
X-med_enu5.79.15.exe driver30.5.201713Windows Vista Home PremiumOS FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Forums981
B2130_audio.exe driver19.6.201518Windows Vista BusinessConnection FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Optimizer Sites5916 driver5.12.201681Windows XP Media Center EditionSoftware FreezeApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Driver Scanner Sites7769
Bdf585en.exe driver4.6.201522Windows XP Tablet PC EditionReported Disk DamageApplication + Windows Installation Disk3488 driver14.1.201636Windows XP Media Center EditionReported Disk DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Manufacturer's Website6352
B2545_pcmcia_ driver24.5.201726Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003USB FailureApplication + PC Help Websites + Windows Installation Disk14451 driver2.2.201610Windows XP Tablet PC EditionBlue ScreenApplication2024 driver28.9.201721Windows Vista Home PremiumConnection FailureApplication9403
Bdf590en.exe driver20.7.201718Windows Vista Home BasicConnection FreezeApplication + Windows Installation Disk2477
Bdf570en.exe driver17.9.201534Windows Vista StarterDisk INdex DamageApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Blogs3190
Brother pt-9600 driver28.9.201741Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Software SlowdownApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Driver Scanner Sites484
B256x_pcmcia_ driver30.12.201624Windows XP Professional x64 EditionOS FailureApplication + PC Help Websites + Manufacturer's Website7014 driver16.12.201524Windows 7 UltimateConnection SlowdownNo Data Found8795 driver19.4.201635Windows 8 EnterpriseSoftware CrashApplication4510
Bdf652en.exe driver4.4.201618Windows Vista StarterWhite ScreenApplication + Windows Installation Disk8461
Brother pt-3600 driver3.7.201659Windows XP Home Edition NBlue ScreenApplication3312 driver3.6.201718Windows XP Home Edition NReported Disk DamageApplication + PC Optimizer Sites9694
Bdf676en.exe driver13.9.201523Windows XP Tablet PC EditionSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Manufacturer's Website3785 driver7.4.201518Windows 7 Home BasicConnection FreezeApplication + Manufacturer's Website6218
Bdf593en.exe driver28.8.201723Windows 7 Home PremiumConnection SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Optimizer Sites5072
Barebone__meb0102_audio_realtek.rar driver9.6.201644Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases2237
Brain boxes limited - 2 port pcmcia 232 card port 2 driver14.4.201766Windows XP Starter EditionOS FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Optimizer Sites2160
B2130_audio_ driver16.8.201728Windows 7 UltimateSoftware FreezeApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Optimizer Sites605
Bcom_ssl_w2k3_20_001.exe driver2.1.201622Windows XP Professional NConnection FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites7177
Usbdongle driver5.6.201732Windows Vista Home BasicOS CrashNo Data Found2976
Usb285l.exe driver25.7.201716Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005OS FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk4223
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