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Umax Scanner Vista S12 3.55 , and more.
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Driver Name Date Added To Database Original Drivers In Packet Most Popular OS Requiring Update Most typical Problem Caused By Outdated Driver Updated Driver Propagation Number Of Page Views
Umax scanner vista s12 3.55 driver24.12.201657Windows Vista UltimateOS FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Maintenance Forums5950
Zyxel p-2602hwl-63c firmware 3.40(adg.2)c0 driver30.3.201670Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)Connection FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Forums7148
Umax scanner powerlook 4.30 driver1.4.201635Windows Vista Home PremiumSoftware FailureNo Data Found3414
Umax scanner uc 1200 se 2.41 driver1.2.201636Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsSoftware SlowdownApplication12997
Zyxel p-2302rl firmware 3.60(mq.1)c0 driver22.1.201627Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)CPU OveruseNo Data Found7840
Zyxel p-841c firmware 1.00(dh.4)c0 driver13.1.201735Windows 7 Home BasicSoftware SlowdownApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Blogs7437
Zyxel es-2008 firmware 1.17 driver27.10.201519Windows XP Starter EditionConnection FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Forums1342
Zyxel p-2302r firmware 3.60(mm.4)c0 driver19.5.201739Windows 7 StarterSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs14007
Zyxel p-660ru-t1 firmware 3.40(st.5)c0 driver28.9.201735Windows 7 ProfessionalSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Optimizer Sites5899
Zyxel p-660h-61 firmware 3.40(pe.10)c0 driver3.2.201774Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003CPU OveruseNo Data Found3070
Umax scanner uc 1260 2.41 driver27.9.201712Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Reported Disk FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Windows Installation Disk11115
Jetway xblue-78va2 bios am02 driver26.6.201621Windows XP Media Center EditionReported Disk FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums3534
Umax scanner vista s8 3.55 driver10.2.201730Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Software SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs4102
Jetway j7f2we1g3s-lf bios 18.3 driver9.3.201531Windows 8 EnterpriseCPU OveruseApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Manufacturer's Website1724
Umax scanner vista s6 3.55 driver7.2.201745Windows XP ProfessionalBlue ScreenApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Manufacturer's Website3544
Zyxel p-660hw-67 firmware 3.40(qq.7)c0 driver28.9.201714Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsDisk INdex DamageApplication9817
Jetway ha08 combo/combod bios ddr3-a05 driver1.11.201524Windows Vista StarterConnection FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Blogs3120
Zyxel p-2602h-63c firmware 3.40(adg.2)c0 driver20.4.201626Windows 7 ProfessionalUSB FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Maintenance Blogs10217
Zyxel es-2008-sc firmware 1.17 driver2.8.201517Windows 8 EnterpriseSoftware FailureApplication + PC Help Websites + Manufacturer's Website4069
Jetway j7f21g5s-lf bios 16.3 driver30.5.201731Windows XP Media Center EditionOS FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk8764
Jetway pa78m5g-hd bios a03 driver14.9.201728Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Software CrashApplication + Microsoft Website + Windows Installation Disk5129
Umax scanner powerlook 2 4.30 driver12.9.201735Windows XP Media Center EditionUSB FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Help Websites3161
Zyxel p-660h-t1 firmware 3.40(agb.1)c2 driver14.10.201522Windows 7 UltimateOS CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Help Websites2573
Jetway ha06-gt bios a09 driver16.4.201519Windows 7 StarterOS FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Windows Installation Disk4304
Zyxel es-3124 firmware 3.70(tp.1)c0 driver22.9.201634Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Connection FreezeApplication9063
Jetway ha08 combo l bios ddr2-a04 driver15.4.201620Windows XP Tablet PC EditionUSB FailureNo Data Found1093
Umax scanner powerlook 3 4.50 driver15.9.201580Windows XP Tablet PC EditionSoftware FailureApplication + PC Help Websites4638
Zyxel p-662hw-63 firmware 3.40(sc.3)c0 driver27.8.201510Windows Vista StarterBlue ScreenApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Microsoft Website14524
Zyxel p-791r firmware 3.40(bt.4)c0 driver21.7.201536Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Software FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Help Websites16395
Zyxel es-2008-sc30 firmware 1.17 driver23.4.201523Windows 7 StarterConnection SlowdownApplication1533
Umax scanner powerlook 3000 4.50 driver22.8.201715Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005CPU OveruseApplication + Windows Installation Disk1207
Jetway ba-240 bios a08 driver22.4.201632Windows XP ProfessionalSoftware FreezeApplication + PC Help Websites + Manufacturer's Website6404
Jetway j7f21ges-lf bios 16.3 driver9.12.201674Windows XP Starter EditionOS CrashApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Help Websites5412
Jetway ha03-ultra bios a09 driver7.8.201735Windows Vista BusinessOS CrashNo Data Found2869
Umax scanner powerlook 2000 4.30 driver2.12.201518Windows 7 ProfessionalReported Disk FailureApplication4751
Zyxel p-2002l firmware 3.60(mh.4)c0 driver7.2.201622Windows 7 StarterConnection FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Help Websites2532
Umax scanner mirage 2 4.50 driver8.5.201724Windows Vista Home BasicOS SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Driver Scanner Sites8561
Umax scanner mirage d16l 4.30 driver14.8.201739Windows XP ProfessionalConnection SlowdownApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Microsoft Website220
Zyxel p-2602hw-61 firmware 3.40(mf.3)c0 driver28.7.201612Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Sites4757
Biostar h61ml ver. 6.x ite cir driver23.1.201641Windows 8 ProSoftware SlowdownApplication5674
Biostar h61mu3 ver. 6.x ite cir 5.0 driver18.5.201725Windows Vista Home BasicWhite ScreenApplication + PC Help Websites + Driver Scanner Sites4511
Uniwill n766s modem 3.0 driver3.7.201727Windows XP ProfessionalSoftware CrashApplication + PC Help Websites + Windows Installation Disk1602
Uniwill 755si4 modem 1.1 driver26.1.201619Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware FreezeApplication4510
Uniwill 257sa1 modem 1.2 driver11.4.201724Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Disk INdex DamageApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + PC Maintenance Forums14153
Uniwill 755ia modem 1.3 driver14.3.201630Windows 7 StarterDisk INdex DamageApplication13225
Uniwill m50ei modem 1.0 driver28.12.201517Windows 7 Home PremiumOS FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Help Websites5835
Uniwill l372n1 modem 1.2 driver21.10.201631Windows XP 64-bit EditionOS FreezeApplication + PC Maintenance Forums5254
Uniwill n356 modem 1.2 driver27.8.201697Windows Vista Home BasicReported Disk DamageApplication8451
Uniwill n258sax modem 1.2 driver6.2.201718Windows XP ProfessionalConnection SlowdownApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Help Websites6919
Uniwill n34a modem 1.2 driver8.6.201721Windows XP Media Center EditionReported Disk FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Optimizer Sites11276
Uniwill 755ii8 modem 1.3 driver5.2.201636Windows 7 UltimateSoftware CrashApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + PC Maintenance Forums1832
Uniwill 755ii1 modem 1.3 driver12.10.201737Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Software CrashNo Data Found1480
Uniwill n251s6 modem 1.0 driver24.4.201721Windows Vista BusinessConnection FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website5076
Uniwill n351s2 modem 1.1 driver22.8.201723Windows XP Professional x64 EditionDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases3591
Uniwill m30eix modem 1.3 driver19.8.201729Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware FreezeApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Driver Scanner Sites3548
Uniwill 259en3 modem 1.2 driver2.6.201758Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Connection SlowdownApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Windows Installation Disk4675
Uniwill n34bs3 modem 1.2 driver20.9.201735Windows 8 EnterpriseUSB FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk876
Uniwill p71en0 modem 1.0 driver22.3.201532Windows XP ProfessionalReported Disk DamageApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Optimizer Sites6982
Uniwill l373n1 modem 1.0 driver18.8.201719Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsUSB FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Driver Scanner Databases3252
Uniwill n35bs2 modem 1.2 driver7.12.201623Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Connection SlowdownApplication3185
Uniwill n351s4 modem 1.2 driver29.1.201614Windows XP Professional x64 EditionConnection FreezeApplication + PC Optimizer Sites4788
Uniwill n222 modem driver8.4.201731Windows XP Tablet PC EditionWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Windows Installation Disk231
Uniwill 755in modem 1.3 driver24.4.201523Windows XP Professional NWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Help Websites12508
Uniwill n243s2 modem 1.3 driver1.5.201624Windows XP Tablet PC EditionCPU OveruseApplication2930
Uniwill n243s8/s9 modem 1.3 driver1.10.201626Windows Vista Home BasicWhite ScreenApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Driver Scanner Sites4998
Bafo bf-7351 1.0 driver2.6.201517Windows Vista UltimateReported Disk FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums7649
Bafo bf-8011 1.0 driver3.9.201511Windows 7 Home BasicConnection FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites1126
Bafo bf-7030 1.0 driver8.4.201633Windows XP ProfessionalReported Disk DamageApplication + Windows Installation Disk + PC Maintenance Forums7042
Bafo bf-7600 1.0 driver21.4.201723Windows 7 Home PremiumOS SlowdownApplication + PC Help Websites12136
Bafo bf-8014 1.1 driver8.3.201733Windows XP Home Edition NOS SlowdownApplication + PC Help Websites + Manufacturer's Website2152
Bafo bf-8000 1.0 driver3.1.201617Windows 7 UltimateSoftware FreezeApplication + Windows Installation Disk4600
Bafo bf-7320 1.0 driver10.7.201723Windows XP Media Center EditionSoftware CrashApplication + Driver Scanner Databases8501
Bafo bf-7510 1.0 driver1.5.201730Windows XP Media Center EditionOS FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites2594
Bafo bf-7352 1.0 driver19.6.201535Windows 7 ProfessionalSoftware FailureNo Data Found818
Bafo bf-7110 1.0 driver14.4.201534Windows XP Tablet PC EditionConnection FailureApplication + PC Help Websites + Driver Scanner Databases4557
Bafo bf-8022 1.0 driver15.8.201550Windows XP Media Center EditionSoftware SlowdownApplication + PC Help Websites + Driver Scanner Sites14074
Bafo bf-7900 1.0 driver21.5.201740Windows XP Media Center EditionSoftware CrashApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Driver Scanner Sites2042
Bafo bf-7312 1.0 driver21.5.201724Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)OS CrashApplication + PC Help Websites + Windows Installation Disk9301
Bafo bf-7410 1.0 driver15.4.201638Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Reported Disk DamageApplication + Driver Scanner Databases757
Bafo bf-7610 1.0 driver10.11.201523Windows 7 StarterConnection SlowdownApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Help Websites2105
Bafo bf-7360 1.0 driver18.7.201732Windows Vista StarterUSB FailureApplication6835
Bafo bf-7100 1.0 driver22.2.201765Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsReported Disk FailureNo Data Found1274
Bafo bf-800 1.0 driver17.1.201721Windows 8 ProWhite ScreenApplication5968
Bafo bf-810 1.3 driver16.11.201632Windows Vista Home PremiumSoftware CrashApplication5970
Bafo bf-7353 1.0 driver2.12.201528Windows 8 ProConnection FreezeNo Data Found4654
Bafo bf-7040 1.0 driver23.8.201515Windows Vista Home BasicOS FailureApplication + PC Help Websites + PC Maintenance Blogs3410
Bafo bf-7500 1.0 driver10.12.201612Windows 7 UltimateOS FreezeNo Data Found2768
Bafo bf-7311 1.0 driver30.12.201625Windows XP Professional x64 EditionSoftware CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Manufacturer's Website4176
Zyxel u-336re 1.0 driver14.2.201711Windows 7 Home PremiumReported Disk DamageApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Optimizer Sites4511
Zyxel p-630-41 1.11.07q driver7.8.201616Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Connection FreezeApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + Windows Installation Disk2288
Zyxel lcd plus 1.0 driver7.5.201714Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005Software SlowdownApplication1917
Zyxel u-1496s plus 1.0 driver7.3.201639Windows XP ProfessionalCPU OveruseApplication5509
Zyxel omni 128l 1.1 driver29.8.201521Windows Vista StarterOS CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Driver Scanner Databases7010
Zyxel u-1496e plus 1.0 driver1.7.201616Windows 7 StarterUSB FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Windows Installation Disk2800
Zyxel comet 336 1.0 driver15.7.201525Windows 8 EnterpriseOS FreezeApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Microsoft Website4271
Zyxel u-1496b 1.0 driver13.4.201516Windows XP Starter EditionConnection SlowdownNo Data Found6023
Zyxel u-1496b plus 1.0 driver5.7.201623Windows XP Professional x64 EditionOS SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Maintenance Blogs4448
Zyxel u-336r 1.0 driver1.7.201522Windows 7 ProfessionalCPU OveruseApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + Manufacturer's Website1924
Zyxel 2.08 driver6.4.201521Windows Vista BusinessWhite ScreenApplication2761
Zyxel comet 3356p-lan 1.0 driver4.11.201629Windows Vista Home BasicSoftware FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Driver Scanner Databases11722
Zyxel omni 128l 1.10 driver20.8.201524Windows 8OS SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Help Websites1637
Zyxel u-1496e 1.0 driver23.11.201625Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptopsBlue ScreenApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Databases1533
Zyxel zyair 200 1.0.3 driver3.8.201724Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Connection FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Windows Installation Disk1116
Zyxel u-1496rn 1.0 driver18.1.201717Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003Reported Disk DamageNo Data Found9522
Zyxel u-336e 1.0 driver17.1.201715Windows XP Professional x64 EditionConnection FreezeApplication7449
Zyxel comet 3356 1.0 driver18.8.201644Windows 8OS FreezeApplication + Microsoft Website + Manufacturer's Website8390
Zyxel omni 56k 1.3 driver25.7.201718Windows 8 EnterpriseDisk INdex DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Windows Installation Disk2633
Hyperdata 2510 audio driver13.6.201717Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)Software FreezeApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Forums12202
Hyperdata 2550 audio driver4.8.201533Windows 7 Home BasicDisk INdex DamageApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Blogs2940
Hyperdata 3410 audio driver7.3.201713Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005White ScreenApplication1194
Hyperdata 2885 audio driver14.4.201723Windows Vista BusinessSoftware FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Maintenance Blogs2995
Hyperdata 8310 audio driver11.6.201737Windows XP 64-bit EditionCPU OveruseNo Data Found3448
Hyperdata 7550 audio driver27.8.201741Windows 8 ProReported Disk DamageApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + Driver Scanner Sites2570
Hyperdata 7100 audio driver10.10.201713Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004OS FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Driver Scanner Databases9005
Hyperdata ru57 audio driver26.5.201752Windows XP Professional x64 EditionConnection SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs3365
Hyperdata 4320 audio driver25.4.201718Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004CPU OveruseApplication9586
Hyperdata 8100p audio driver11.3.201654Windows XP Starter EditionSoftware CrashApplication + Manufacturer's Website + Driver Scanner Sites4952
Hyperdata 251a audio driver18.12.201669Windows 8Software SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Blogs10489
Hyperdata 3000 audio driver25.6.201519Windows Vista UltimateSoftware CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Forums6473
Hyperdata 3500 audio driver7.9.201714Windows XP Media Center EditionBlue ScreenApplication + Manufacturer's Website14155
Hyperdata 5010 audio driver2.10.201719Windows XP Tablet PC EditionConnection CrashApplication + PC Optimizer Sites + PC Maintenance Forums9481
Hyperdata 2511 audio driver19.8.201622Windows Vista BusinessConnection FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Maintenance Forums4750
Hyperdata 7330 audio driver2.1.201620Windows XP Home Edition NWhite ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + PC Maintenance Blogs4025
Hyperdata 2430 audio driver14.8.201672Windows XP Home Edition NSoftware FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Databases + Manufacturer's Website6605
Hyperdata 1100 audio driver25.11.201539Windows 7 ProfessionalSoftware CrashApplication1240
Hyperdata 3560 audio driver23.3.201717Windows XP Professional x64 EditionUSB FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Forums + PC Help Websites1687
Hyperdata 7105 audio driver29.11.201673Windows XP Starter EditionSoftware FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + Driver Scanner Databases1562
Hyperdata 4310 audio driver27.4.201515Windows Vista StarterReported Disk FailureApplication + Microsoft Website5599
Hyperdata 7320 audio driver30.5.201521Windows RTDisk INdex DamageApplication9484
Uniwill 259ii0 touchpad 1.0 driver9.7.201538Windows Vista BusinessConnection CrashApplication4175
Uniwill 259ia3 chipset 1.2 driver11.1.201627Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Software FailureApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + PC Maintenance Forums5640
Uniwill 259ei3 chipset 1.2 driver19.8.201638Windows Vista UltimateOS SlowdownApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + Microsoft Website7255
Unicorn endat-6540 inf tool driver24.3.201714Windows Vista UltimateOS CrashApplication14209
Uniwill 245ii0 touchpad 1.1 driver6.5.201611Windows Vista Home BasicReported Disk DamageApplication + Manufacturer's Website + PC Maintenance Blogs7018
Uniwill n244ii0 usb2.0 1.1 driver4.4.201621Windows Vista UltimateOS SlowdownApplication + PC Maintenance Forums1751
Uniwill 245ei2 chipset 1.0 driver3.5.201740Windows 8 EnterpriseReported Disk FailureApplication + Microsoft Website + PC Optimizer Sites868
Uniwill 259ia3 pcmcia 1.2 driver24.6.201742Windows XP 64-bit EditionSoftware CrashApplication + Microsoft Website8281
Uniwill 259ei3 touchpad 1.2 driver26.8.201753Windows XP Professional NUSB FailureApplication + Manufacturer's Website7747
Uniwill 223ei0 chipset 1.0 driver13.9.201511Windows XP Starter EditionOS SlowdownNo Data Found6233
Uniwill 223ii0 touchpad 1.4 driver12.4.201617Windows XP ProfessionalReported Disk FailureApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Help Websites6771
Uniwill 259en3 chipset 1.2 driver6.6.201612Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004Disk INdex DamageApplication1418
Uniwill n244ii0 ich4 1.1 driver19.7.201734Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0)Software FreezeApplication + PC Help Websites + Windows Installation Disk2237
Uniwill 245ii0 chipset 1.1 driver24.6.201717Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600)OS CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs + PC Optimizer Sites5329
Universal plug-and-play tester (upnptest) 2.06 build 35.5 driver2.3.201634Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601.17514)Connection CrashApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Manufacturer's Website7900
Unicorn endat-3203m usb2.0 driver2.2.201621Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003White ScreenApplication + Driver Scanner Sites + PC Maintenance Forums2165
Uniwill 259ii0 chipset 1.0 driver11.9.201737Windows XP Media Center EditionConnection CrashApplication + PC Maintenance Blogs3568
Uniwill 259ia3 touchpad 1.2 driver4.6.201628Windows XP Tablet PC EditionConnection SlowdownNo Data Found4996
Uniwill 245ei2 touchpad 1.0 driver26.3.201723Windows XP Media Center EditionCPU OveruseApplication4347
Unicorn endat-4065i inf file driver10.4.201619Windows 8 ProUSB FailureApplication + Windows Installation Disk + Driver Scanner Databases1580
Uniwill n244ii0 touchpad 1.1 driver16.6.201717Windows 8CPU OveruseApplication12894
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