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Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 7, Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600), Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Starter, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0), Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows XP,
Driver Update: 5/1/2018
Times Downloaded: 906
Successful Installations: 84%
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Success with updating all my bad drivers.
Great software! + clear and simple installation instructions. Works Perfectly!

April 14, 2014 | By JoeyH444

Updated my drivers.
Great support popups while driver is installing.
Very easy to do.

June 21, 2014 | By mavsfan1107

This app simply saved a lot of time for me, as it is a very useful software for installing driver.
Nice interface too.

December 22, 2013 | By zackoff

Driver Statistics

  • Driver First Uploaded: June 18 2013
  • Last Downloaded: 1.1.2018
  • Driver File Name:
  • Driver File Size: 8.0 MB
  • Driver ID: 2OyNy-6lIx
Last Scanned: Jan 16, 2018
Scan Result: OK

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658 Ratings / 3 Reviews





Installation Ease 85%

Driver Stability 95%

Expected Results 84%

*This driver received few negative reviews by our users, and therefore is probably safe and stable.
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Driver Family Statistics:

ID Date
Size Compatibility
+ Backward
In Bundle
(2015) 31.25.133wc7232_7242_en_31_25_133.exeWc7232_7242_en I1533WMJan 22, 2007Jan 16, 20184.8MBWin 8,7,  Version number 0 is available in application bundle 5.12768_5_12768.exeWc7232_7242_en S2768SWApr 09, 2010Dec 31, 20174.5MBWin 8,  Version number 1 is available in application bundle 34062wc7232_7242_en_34062.exeWc7232_7242_en M4062MTMar 21, 2009Dec 31, 20174.1MBWin 8,7,Vista,  Version number 2 is available in application bundle 81.21.233_81_21_233.exeWc7232_7242_en I1133EWApr 08, 2013Jan 12, 20184.1MBWin 8,7,  Version number 3 is available in application bundle 63633wc7232_7242_en_63633.exeWc7232_7242_en I3633KHMay 22, 2007Dec 17, 20174.8MBWin 8,  Version number 4 is available in application bundle 360wc7232_7242_en_360.exeWc7232_7242_en K360CCJan 02, 2010Nov 07, 20174.7MBWin 8,  Version number 5 is available in application bundle 71.21.2wc7232_7242_en_71_21_2.exeWc7232_7242_en L711VPMay 06, 2011Dec 21, 20174.8MBWin 8,7,  Version number 6 is requested in application bundle 21.21.209_21_21_209.exeWc7232_7242_en J1109ESJan 17, 2010Oct 20, 20174.6MBWin 8,7,  Version number 7 is available in application bundle 71.2366us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_71_2366.exeWc7232_7242_en Q1366HDMay 23, 2008Dec 19, 20174.7MBWin 8,7,  Version number 8 is available in application bundle 60609wc7232_7242_en_60609.exeWc7232_7242_en J609UXJan 12, 2007Jan 09, 20184.3MBWin 8,7,  Version number 9 has been removed from application bundle 82204_82204.exeWc7232_7242_en E2204XPApr 05, 2013Jan 10, 20184.1MBWin 8,7,  Version number 10 is available in application bundle 61.21.240wc7232_7242_en_61_21_240.exeWc7232_7242_en P1140DVMay 20, 2013Dec 19, 20174.6MBWin 8,  Version number 11 is available in application bundle 235.15.17_235_15_17.exeWc7232_7242_en H3557RKMay 17, 2008Nov 18, 20174.7MBWin 8,  Version number 12 is available in application bundle 21.2982_21_2982.exeWc7232_7242_en H1982HXJan 21, 2008Oct 05, 20174.3MBWin 8,7,Vista,  Version number 13 is available in application bundle 1.22989us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_1_22989.exeWc7232_7242_en O2989NSFeb 05, 2007Dec 31, 20174.5MBWin 8,  Version number 14 is available in application bundle 61.21.249wc7232_7242_en_61_21_249.exeWc7232_7242_en Y1149NBMay 20, 2008Jan 12, 20184.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,  Version number 15 is available in application bundle 821.205.1_821_205_1.exeWc7232_7242_en F2105PUMay 02, 2012Nov 15, 20174.5MBWin 8,  Version number 16 is available in application bundle 5.12039_5_12039.exeWc7232_7242_en O2039VAMar 10, 2009Dec 19, 20174.3MBWin 8,  Version number 17 is available in application bundle 63444wc7232_7242_en_63444.exeWc7232_7242_en T3444WUJan 19, 2007Nov 28, 20174.3MBWin 8,7,Vista,  Version number 18 is available in application bundle 5.13848_5_13848.exeWc7232_7242_en X3848EEApr 12, 2012Jan 10, 20184.2MBWin 8,  Version number 19 is available in application bundle 60789wc7232_7242_en_60789.exeWc7232_7242_en O789DIApr 21, 2012Jan 16, 20184.1MBWin 8,7,  Version number 20 is available in application bundle 7231.21.2us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_7231_21_2.exeWc7232_7242_en L2311PFMay 15, 2008Dec 31, 20174.2MBWin 8,  Version number 21 is available in application bundle 1.21.27wc7232_7242_en_1_21_27.exeWc7232_7242_en R117NQFeb 17, 2012Dec 31, 20174.1MBWin 8,7,  Version number 22 is requested in application bundle 6335.14wc7232_7242_en_6335_14.exeWc7232_7242_en E3354RCFeb 09, 2008Jan 16, 20184.6MBWin 8,  Version number 23 is available in application bundle 42344us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_42344.exeWc7232_7242_en T2344WHJan 04, 2013Dec 19, 20174.5MBWin 8,7,  Version number 24 is available in application bundle 72275.1us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_72275_1.exeWc7232_7242_en A2275MNMay 20, 2007Jan 16, 20184.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,  Version number 25 has been removed from application bundle 1.235.129us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_1_235_129.exeWc7232_7242_en E3529RIMar 10, 2008Dec 17, 20174.1MBWin 8,7,  Version number 26 is available in application bundle 42695.1us_5057.800.0.0_ps_i386.zip_42695_1.exeWc7232_7242_en U2695IJMay 21, 2007Jan 16, 20184.8MBWin 8,  Version number 27 is requested in application bundle 2961.2wc7232_7242_en_2961_2.exeWc7232_7242_en L2961QUFeb 11, 2007Nov 15, 20174.3MBWin 8,7,  Version number 28 is available in application bundle 81.201.26_81_201_26.exeWc7232_7242_en Q1016DCMay 14, 2008Nov 29, 20174.3MBWin 8,7,  Version number 29 is available in application bundle

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Your username will be published, but not your real name or email.  driver user A great time saver
22.05.2014 / Ronaldo Matthiasox  driver installer found the latest within seconds
17.08.2014 / Sariah Valentinaaa01  driver downloader solved my pc crashes problems
02.01.2013 / Zane6

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... This really is bound to happen when ever the actual laptop or tablet locks-up because of whatever cause, eliminating all drivers, wc7232_7242_en-us_505780000_ps_i386zip together with everything else How to purchase wc7232_7242_en-us_505780000_ps_i386zip ...obedientAisha Kymanioq23/7/2014

...Just about every Personal computer features a different setup of devices coupled with drivers It can be for that actual catalog one has to fit the drivers he or she opts to install, paying attention to the actual operating platform fitted for the computer ...sourDarrylBrookeau715/7/2014

...That's the reason why now and again one's PC device might be performing badly, and even no more functioning in the slightest, even though your driver (wc7232_7242_en-us_505780000_ps_i386zip and / or a further driver) is present inside the system's hardware ingredient catalog ...Terrance7/7/2014

...What enhances this radical issue is that the user struggles to detect the actual cause of these kinds of teasing bugs ...Drake Adalynnix3/7/2014

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