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Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0), Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptops,
Driver Update: 22/2/2018
Times Downloaded: 1040
Successful Installations: 87%
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Success with updating all my bad drivers.
Great software! + clear and simple installation instructions. Works Perfectly!

April 14, 2014 | By JoeyH444

Updated my drivers.
Great support popups while driver is installing.
Very easy to do.

June 21, 2014 | By mavsfan1107

This app simply saved a lot of time for me, as it is a very useful software for installing driver.
Nice interface too.

December 22, 2013 | By zackoff

Driver Statistics

nvidia ion

  • Driver First Uploaded: September 5 2013
  • Last Downloaded: 22.3.2018
  • Driver File Name:
  • Driver File Size: 1.66 MB
  • Driver ID: 01mH-4276uToK
Last Scanned: Mar 22, 2018
Scan Result: OK

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Installation Ease 94%

Driver Stability 94%

Expected Results 78%

*This driver received few negative reviews by our users, and therefore is probably safe and stable.
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Driver Family Statistics: nvidia ion

ID Date
Size Compatibility
+ Backward
In Bundle
nvidia ion 1.21.2090nvidia_1_21_2090.exeNvidia P1090NOJan 17, 2012Feb 17, 20185.7MBWin 8,7,XP56043642296%2nvidia ion Version number 0 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 42668nvidia_42668.exeNvidia S2668OTMay 14, 2008Dec 19, 20175.5MBWin 8,7,Vista47038036495%0nvidia ion Version number 1 has been removed from application bundle
nvidia ion 23026nvidia_23026.exeNvidia B3026STJan 08, 2009Mar 13, 20185.1MBWin 8,796378074195%2nvidia ion Version number 2 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 62220nvidia_62220.exeNvidia U2220HLMay 04, 2008Jan 18, 20185.4MBWin 8,7,Vista13801090102493%2nvidia ion Version number 3 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 631.220nvidia_631_220.exeNvidia U3120UAMay 01, 2012Mar 05, 20185.4MBWin 8,786662360496%1nvidia ion Version number 4 is requested in application bundle
nvidia ion 84094nvidia_84094.exeNvidia T4094JKJan 25, 2013Mar 19, 20185.5MBWin 8,7,Vista53646044195%2nvidia ion Version number 5 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion O1589FHMay 01, 2007Dec 07, 20175.6MBWin 8,725017517197%2nvidia ion Version number 6 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 1.20847ion_1_20847.exeNvidia W847TBMay 14, 2007Mar 13, 20185.7MBWin 8,737832832197%1nvidia ion Version number 7 is requested in application bundle
nvidia ion 32064nvidia_32064.exeNvidia O2064HYJan 14, 2013Feb 23, 20185.4MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP85073171697%2nvidia ion Version number 8 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 41.2201.2ion_41_2201_2.exeNvidia B1201HRMay 15, 2011Feb 01, 20185.1MBWin 8,7,Vista34526926397%2nvidia ion Version number 9 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 5.105.199ion_5_105_199.exeNvidia Y599NTFeb 15, 2011Mar 13, 20185.6MBWin 8,7,XP57423992%2nvidia ion Version number 10 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 21.2622nvidia_21_2622.exeNvidia W1622SKMay 08, 2012Mar 13, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,Vista58742841997%2nvidia ion Version number 11 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 701.224nvidia_701_224.exeNvidia Y124QVApr 26, 2012Mar 13, 20185.6MBWin 8,775352750094%2nvidia ion Version number 12 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 42470nvidia_42470.exeNvidia U2470CPFeb 27, 2013Mar 13, 20185.4MBWin 8,7,XP22518918396%2nvidia ion Version number 13 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 40409ion_40409.exeNvidia J409UXApr 19, 2010Feb 04, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP65351548994%2nvidia ion Version number 14 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 63480nvidia_63480.exeNvidia F3480ADApr 17, 2008Dec 31, 20175.6MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP65955353095%2nvidia ion Version number 15 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion P1540CYMay 16, 2007Mar 13, 20185.2MBWin 8,7,XP57750747693%1nvidia ion Version number 16 is requested in application bundle
nvidia ion 371.27ion_371_27.exeNvidia R3717KGJan 08, 2007Mar 01, 20185.1MBWin 8,7,XP79668466396%2nvidia ion Version number 17 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 2664nvidia_2664.exeNvidia O2664CKApr 08, 2011Dec 08, 20175.8MBWin 8,7,XP92381276393%2nvidia ion Version number 18 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 83806nvidia_83806.exeNvidia G3806KLMar 25, 2012Mar 06, 20185.4MBWin 8,7,XP35531229694%2nvidia ion Version number 19 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 43883ion_43883.exeNvidia I3883GPJan 13, 2012Mar 21, 20185.6MBWin 8,786977372693%2nvidia ion Version number 20 is available in application bundle
nvidia ion 425.133ion_425_133.exeNvidia I2533PSMar 13, 2013Mar 19, 20185.2MBWin 8,716481186112694%1nvidia ion Version number 21 is requested in application bundle

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nvidia ion driver user this app matches your system requirements with the driver database so you don't have to worry about nvidia ion mismatch
08.05.2014 / cruelVanessa Caelooe

nvidia ion driver installer easiest download ever
01.10.2014 / Alisha

nvidia ion driver downloader Nothing bad to say
09.03.2013 / Rudy

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User Comments and Suggestions: Nvidia Ion

...Just in case one of your nvidia ions goes bad (which often happens as a result of a different bad driver corrupting it) it is strongly suggested to take care of the problem with due speed ...Asa915/6/2014

...However, as the time goes by, the performance retains deteriorating quickly How to update nvidia ion...joyouscrowd Arieluh3122/5/2014

...On several other occasions, should you wish to format the particular system, the full driver fitting might turn out to be concluded over again, basically because the previous device driver ranges will have been removed using that format Latest update for nvidia ion...tenderRamon Diyaul1/5/2014

...The driver enhance tool available on this page includes yet one more concrete bonus: it lets you avoid the particular demand for choosing the many drivers that you download and install in advance of applying them to help keep from creating a driver inconsistency creating many different challenges in your machine ...Toby Wyattiu2/3/2014

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nvidia ion is Windows 8 Compatible nvidia ion is Windows 7 Compatible nvidia ion is awarded 5 stars by Softpedia nvidia ion is norton scanned and GeekFiles approved
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