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Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Windows XP Home Edition N, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional N, Windows XP Starter Edition,
Driver Update: 20/1/2018
Times Downloaded: 115
Successful Installations: 99%
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Success with updating all my bad drivers.
Great software! + clear and simple installation instructions. Works Perfectly!

April 14, 2014 | By JoeyH444

Updated my drivers.
Great support popups while driver is installing.
Very easy to do.

June 21, 2014 | By mavsfan1107

This app simply saved a lot of time for me, as it is a very useful software for installing driver.
Nice interface too.

December 22, 2013 | By zackoff

Driver Statistics


  • Driver First Uploaded: June 14 2013
  • Last Downloaded: 13.3.2018
  • Driver File Name:
  • Driver File Size: 2.54 MB
  • Driver ID: 40r-9co
Last Scanned: Mar 17, 2018
Scan Result: OK

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Installation Ease 91%

Driver Stability 76%

Expected Results 87%

*This driver received few negative reviews by our users, and therefore is probably safe and stable.
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Driver Family Statistics: m2a-mx

ID Date
Size Compatibility
+ Backward
In Bundle
m2a-mx 435.15.19mx_435_15_19.exeM2a J3559XCMay 05, 2010Mar 13, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP73615996%2m2a-mx  Version number 0 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 21.2730_21_2730.exeM2a F1730MXMar 04, 2008Nov 29, 20172.6MBWin 8,724217917195%2m2a-mx  Version number 1 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 34026m2a_34026.exeM2a B4026HGApr 25, 2008Feb 09, 20182.1MBWin 8,7,Vista17114714497%0m2a-mx  Version number 2 has been removed from application bundle
m2a-mx 6231.29m2a_6231_29.exeM2a T2319BOFeb 04, 2009Mar 08, 20182.3MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP37329428897%2m2a-mx  Version number 3 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 3780m2a_3780.exeM2a F3780NLJan 13, 2007Jan 16, 20182.7MBWin 8,766349046093%2m2a-mx  Version number 4 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 71.2933mx_71_2933.exeM2a I1933AYMar 22, 2008Jan 23, 20182.1MBWin 8,793767497%2m2a-mx  Version number 5 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 60726m2a_60726.exeM2a B726GLMay 20, 2012Jan 30, 20182.3MBWin 8,7,Vista72565496%0m2a-mx  Version number 6 has been removed from application bundle
m2a-mx 1.2001.20mx_1_2001_20.exeM2a K10VFMar 14, 2010Jan 23, 20182.4MBWin 8,7,XP28019818894%2m2a-mx  Version number 7 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 63237m2a_63237.exeM2a M3237HVJan 08, 2010Jan 04, 20182.4MBWin 8,7,Vista29242291%2m2a-mx  Version number 8 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 8085.14_8085_14.exeM2a E854AKMar 01, 2007Feb 25, 20182.1MBWin 8,7,XP65057854393%2m2a-mx  Version number 9 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 63732m2a_63732.exeM2a H3732QEFeb 08, 2008Jan 18, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,XP22619218495%2m2a-mx  Version number 10 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 1.2692m2a_1_2692.exeM2a R1692TYFeb 09, 2012Mar 13, 20182.7MBWin 8,7,Vista34128326894%1m2a-mx  Version number 11 is requested in application bundle
m2a-mx 369m2a_369.exeM2a T369WIApr 17, 2012Feb 08, 20182.5MBWin 8,730523122697%1m2a-mx  Version number 12 is requested in application bundle
m2a-mx 936m2a_936.exeM2a L936LSApr 12, 2012Mar 13, 20182.1MBWin 8,718416015596%2m2a-mx  Version number 13 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 21.2982_21_2982.exeM2a H1982YJMay 15, 2008Feb 20, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,XP26022120793%1m2a-mx  Version number 14 is requested in application bundle
m2a-mx M1162XXMay 27, 2007Mar 13, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP26021951183393%2m2a-mx  Version number 15 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 71.2222mx_71_2222.exeM2a W1222SJMar 07, 2011Feb 24, 20182.3MBWin 8,7,Vista18514413895%2m2a-mx  Version number 16 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 630m2a_630.exeM2a F630CDMar 07, 2007Jan 30, 20182.4MBWin 8,7,XP26322321495%2m2a-mx  Version number 17 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 1.24042mx_1_24042.exeM2a R4042XEMar 20, 2010Jan 03, 20182.7MBWin 8,734725324797%0m2a-mx  Version number 18 has been removed from application bundle
m2a-mx 73940mx_73940.exeM2a P3940CYFeb 17, 2013Feb 25, 20182.3MBWin 8,7,XP14912011293%2m2a-mx  Version number 19 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 40481.2mx_40481_2.exeM2a G481EWFeb 16, 2012Feb 13, 20182.7MBWin 8,7,Vista19151378129593%2m2a-mx  Version number 20 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 82321.2_82321_2.exeM2a V2321YHApr 27, 2011Feb 25, 20182.7MBWin 8,7,XP19216115193%2m2a-mx  Version number 21 is available in application bundle
m2a-mx 621.221.2m2a_621_221_2.exeM2a V2121SVJan 22, 2007Nov 29, 20172.5MBWin 8,7,XP32829128296%2m2a-mx  Version number 22 is available in application bundle

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m2a-mx  driver user devie manager couldn't hack it. driver scanner did it in seconds.
22.05.2014 / Elsa13

m2a-mx  driver installer you have come to the right place. took good care of my PC this software
24.09.2014 / GiannaLuzyz

m2a-mx  driver downloader not only don't I have to worry about m2a-mx any more, my internet connection seems much faster now
11.03.2013 / crazy, flipped-outMakenna

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...This type of issue could potentially cause several disheartening matters; from incorrect operating of the machine to a whole system crease ...QuentinHassanyb30/6/2014

...While they may perhaps oftentimes may appear redundant, indeed drivers- m2a-mx and many related drivers, are many of the particular many valuable files regarding interaction in between your various devices in relation to their operating systems ...expensive31/5/2014

...In order to easily prevail over all of them, the reliable vendor maintains delivering revised and advanced editions of their device drivers, now and again Istalling m2a-mx ...Cortez Aydinil19/5/2014

...The harmed m2a-mx needs to go away, and another driver ought to be acquired as a substitute ...Aliyah210/5/2014

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m2a-mx  is Windows 8 Compatible m2a-mx  is Windows 7 Compatible m2a-mx  is awarded 5 stars by Softpedia m2a-mx  is norton scanned and GeekFiles approved
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