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Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows RT, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1), Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600), Windows Vista, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows XP, Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows XP Home Edition N, Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Starter Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP Professional N, Windows XP Home Edition, for home desktops and laptops, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003, Windows XP Media Center Edition,
Driver Update: 2/3/2018
Times Downloaded: 2399
Successful Installations: 89%
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Success with updating all my bad drivers.
Great software! + clear and simple installation instructions. Works Perfectly!

April 14, 2014 | By JoeyH444

Updated my drivers.
Great support popups while driver is installing.
Very easy to do.

June 21, 2014 | By mavsfan1107

This app simply saved a lot of time for me, as it is a very useful software for installing driver.
Nice interface too.

December 22, 2013 | By zackoff

Driver Statistics


  • Driver First Uploaded: February 15 2013
  • Last Downloaded: 16.3.2018
  • Driver File Name:
  • Driver File Size: 9.2 MB
  • Driver ID: 76Bue-83dXNN
Last Scanned: Mar 17, 2018
Scan Result: OK

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Installation Ease 82%

Driver Stability 83%

Expected Results 87%

*This driver received few negative reviews by our users, and therefore is probably safe and stable.
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Driver Family Statistics: sg-80dc

ID Date
Size Compatibility
+ Backward
In Bundle
sg-80dc 1.235.12980dc_1_235_129.exeSg E3529OYApr 05, 2008Dec 10, 20172.5MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP26521219993%2sg-80dc  Version number 0 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 31.281.22sg_31_281_22.exeSg M1812BRMay 26, 2013Mar 06, 20182.5MBWin 8,7,Vista27022421997%2sg-80dc  Version number 1 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 7077280dc_70772.exeSg W772XEMar 18, 2009Mar 15, 20182.3MBWin 8,732122421093%1sg-80dc  Version number 2 is requested in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.2048780dc_1_20487.exeSg M487CXJan 26, 2011Feb 25, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,Vista51142440795%2sg-80dc  Version number 3 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 60492sg_60492.exeSg R492WLFeb 26, 2009Feb 24, 20182.7MBWin 8,7,XP21617216193%2sg-80dc  Version number 4 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 731.28480dc_731_284.exeSg J3184KEMar 19, 2013Feb 08, 20182.4MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP34827826193%2sg-80dc  Version number 5 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.271.29sg_1_271_29.exeSg T1719TEMar 02, 2011Mar 13, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,Vista31023222295%1sg-80dc  Version number 6 is requested in application bundle
sg-80dc 7409380dc_74093.exeSg S4093UBMar 24, 2012Feb 25, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,Vista37826825193%2sg-80dc  Version number 7 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 3281.21.2sg_3281_21_2.exeSg L2811DMFeb 16, 2011Dec 21, 20172.8MBWin 8,726221420595%2sg-80dc  Version number 8 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 7226680dc_72266.exeSg Q2266BKJan 24, 2012Mar 05, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP32422621695%2sg-80dc  Version number 9 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.205.13sg_1_205_13.exeSg D1053KYMay 06, 2010Mar 13, 20182.4MBWin 8,729124122894%2sg-80dc  Version number 10 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 43091.280dc_43091_2.exeSg Q3091SMMar 25, 2011Feb 17, 20182.3MBWin 8,7,XP40836334895%2sg-80dc  Version number 11 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 625.15.13sg_625_15_13.exeSg D2553SRMar 16, 2012Mar 09, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP75654451193%2sg-80dc  Version number 12 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.21.234280dc_1_21_2342.exeSg R1342FFMay 01, 2012Dec 10, 20172.4MBWin 8,7,XP35029027594%2sg-80dc  Version number 13 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 31.2947sg_31_2947.exeSg W1947HTMar 23, 2008Jan 30, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,Vista38131229393%2sg-80dc  Version number 14 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 83698_83698.exeSg X3698TTJan 19, 2009Jan 20, 20182.8MBWin 8,7,XP24220820196%2sg-80dc  Version number 15 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 5.105.127_5_105_127.exeSg C527CFApr 24, 2009Feb 17, 20182.2MBWin 8,787468165395%2sg-80dc  Version number 16 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.289sg_1_289.exeSg O189FJMar 05, 2007Feb 01, 20182.2MBWin 8,727921721096%1sg-80dc  Version number 17 is requested in application bundle
sg-80dc 7291.2480dc_7291_24.exeSg O2914VMApr 25, 2009Dec 31, 20172.4MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP27820819593%2sg-80dc  Version number 18 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 1.2370080dc_1_23700.exeSg A3700HKMay 23, 2011Nov 18, 20172.1MBWin 8,7,Vista42136235196%2sg-80dc  Version number 19 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 22495.1_22495_1.exeSg U2495JAFeb 21, 2010Mar 09, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP70552150095%2sg-80dc  Version number 20 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 421.23780dc_421_237.exeSg M2137HTMay 11, 2009Mar 09, 20182.7MBWin 8,714911010595%2sg-80dc  Version number 21 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 6321.29sg_6321_29.exeSg T3219XIJan 15, 2013Mar 16, 20182.4MBWin 8,7,XP14712411995%2sg-80dc  Version number 22 is available in application bundle
sg-80dc 63336sg_63336.exeSg L3336AOApr 04, 2011Mar 01, 20182.2MBWin 8,7,XP24919619297%0sg-80dc  Version number 23 has been removed from application bundle

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sg-80dc  driver user against all odds managed to update my sg-80dc effortlessly
25.05.2014 / Javier Adrienea

sg-80dc  driver installer all you have to do is double click it, and it is already on the way installing sg-80dc
22.08.2014 / Braydon96

sg-80dc  driver downloader supports a huge database of drivers
24.12.2014 / KarlyAraceliok

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... This can be bound to happen once the particular laptop or desktop crashes as to some cause, erasing all of the drivers, sg-80dc and everything else ...Dallas316/7/2014

...Unfortunately, as the time goes by, the proficiency keeps failing rather quickly ...frightenedfog Nataliaun025/6/2014

...It will keep every driver program updated while not bothering the person Everything you need to know about sg-80dc ...Peyton Ronanez22/5/2014

...A steadfast automated software is essentially the most hassle-free and practical selection  sg-80dc ...Francesca Esmeraldayt120/4/2014

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sg-80dc  is Windows 8 Compatible sg-80dc  is Windows 7 Compatible sg-80dc  is awarded 5 stars by Softpedia sg-80dc  is norton scanned and GeekFiles approved
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