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Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 7, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows RT, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1), Windows 7 Enterprise (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600), Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003, Windows XP Starter Edition, Windows XP Professional N,
Driver Update: 3/3/2018
Times Downloaded: 432
Successful Installations: 98%
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Success with updating all my bad drivers.
Great software! + clear and simple installation instructions. Works Perfectly!

April 14, 2014 | By JoeyH444

Updated my drivers.
Great support popups while driver is installing.
Very easy to do.

June 21, 2014 | By mavsfan1107

This app simply saved a lot of time for me, as it is a very useful software for installing driver.
Nice interface too.

December 22, 2013 | By zackoff

Driver Statistics


  • Driver First Uploaded: October 3 2013
  • Last Downloaded: 12.3.2018
  • Driver File Name:
  • Driver File Size: 4.91 MB
  • Driver ID: 5830L-1666a
Last Scanned: Mar 14, 2018
Scan Result: OK

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Installation Ease 76%

Driver Stability 88%

Expected Results 96%

*This driver received few negative reviews by our users, and therefore is probably safe and stable.
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Driver Family Statistics: e1000

ID Date
Size Compatibility
+ Backward
In Bundle
e1000 21.2469e1000_21_2469.exeE1000 T1469NFApr 11, 2013Mar 10, 20185.1MBWin 8,7,Vista13610710194%2e1000 Version number 0 is available in application bundle
e1000 8305.10e1000_8305_10.exeE1000 A3050BRMar 26, 2012Mar 13, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP16614413996%2e1000 Version number 1 is available in application bundle
e1000 62265.1e1000_62265_1.exeE1000 P2265LUApr 21, 2011Jan 02, 20185.7MBWin 8,7,XP23019518594%2e1000 Version number 2 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.235.138e1000_1_235_138.exeE1000 N3538HPMay 01, 2010Jan 04, 20185.6MBWin 8,7,XP121858397%2e1000 Version number 3 is available in application bundle
e1000 5.12399e1000_5_12399.exeE1000 Y2399PTJan 22, 2012Jan 16, 20185.3MBWin 8,743037435995%2e1000 Version number 4 is available in application bundle
e1000 N1913IKMar 14, 2009Feb 17, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,Vista22817116294%1e1000 Version number 5 is requested in application bundle
e1000 5.10329e1000_5_10329.exeE1000 E329BOFeb 23, 2007Dec 05, 20175.7MBWin 8,7,Vista34626926096%2e1000 Version number 6 is available in application bundle
e1000 421.25.15.1e1000_421_25_15_1.exeE1000 F2155FLMay 15, 2013Mar 09, 20185.6MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP36029528997%2e1000 Version number 7 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.2089e1000_1_2089.exeE1000 O1089MLMar 03, 2011Feb 14, 20185.5MBWin 8,732127926795%2e1000 Version number 8 is available in application bundle
e1000 425.142e1000_425_142.exeE1000 R2542VUApr 27, 2008Feb 05, 20185.7MBWin 8,765248946494%2e1000 Version number 9 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.201.236e1000_1_201_236.exeE1000 L136TCMay 12, 2010Feb 17, 20185.1MBWin 8,7,Vista25618918396%1e1000 Version number 10 is requested in application bundle
e1000 20704e1000_20704.exeE1000 E704UAFeb 03, 2011Mar 13, 20185.6MBWin 8,7,XP30624723293%2e1000 Version number 11 is available in application bundle
e1000 5.12777e1000_5_12777.exeE1000 C2777LRApr 15, 2012Mar 13, 20185.2MBWin 8,7,Vista115892687093%2e1000 Version number 12 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.22737e1000_1_22737.exeE1000 M2737DOFeb 18, 2007Dec 19, 20175.5MBWin 8,728524523796%2e1000 Version number 13 is available in application bundle
e1000 83239e1000_83239.exeE1000 O3239LMMar 27, 2012Feb 24, 20185.3MBWin 8,762484593%2e1000 Version number 14 is available in application bundle
e1000 60969e1000_60969.exeE1000 T969RPJan 07, 2010Mar 14, 20185.2MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP14511311097%2e1000 Version number 15 is available in application bundle
e1000 20875.1e1000_20875_1.exeE1000 A875RJJan 23, 2007Mar 13, 20185.4MBWin 8,789966565197%0e1000 Version number 16 has been removed from application bundle
e1000 31.205.16e1000_31_205_16.exeE1000 G1056JDApr 26, 2013Mar 01, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,Vista,XP25622221797%2e1000 Version number 17 is available in application bundle
e1000 43739e1000_43739.exeE1000 O3739TMMar 02, 2008Mar 13, 20185.8MBWin 8,7,XP19113313097%2e1000 Version number 18 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.2205.13e1000_1_2205_13.exeE1000 D2053AJMar 27, 2009Feb 11, 20185.3MBWin 8,7,XP13211010797%2e1000 Version number 19 is available in application bundle
e1000 1.22467e1000_1_22467.exeE1000 R2467QXMar 01, 2010Mar 13, 20185.8MBWin 8,736130629395%2e1000 Version number 20 is available in application bundle
e1000 41.2093e1000_41_2093.exeE1000 S1093JBFeb 01, 2008Mar 13, 20185.3MBWin 8,7,Vista32924323395%2e1000 Version number 21 is available in application bundle
e1000 31.2740e1000_31_2740.exeE1000 P1740UQJan 03, 2011Feb 05, 20185.2MBWin 8,721817416896%2e1000 Version number 22 is available in application bundle
e1000 70763e1000_70763.exeE1000 N763CRMay 13, 2007Feb 05, 20185.5MBWin 8,735229228396%2e1000 Version number 23 is available in application bundle
e1000 435.195.1e1000_435_195_1.exeE1000 U3595GCJan 07, 2011Feb 03, 20185.1MBWin 8,719891412132793%2e1000 Version number 24 is available in application bundle
e1000 7385.10e1000_7385_10.exeE1000 A3850EBMay 26, 2007Mar 13, 20185.2MBWin 8,7,Vista29626024795%2e1000 Version number 25 is available in application bundle

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e1000 driver user as far as I can tell it actually installed e1000 as I was hoping for
28.07.2014 / Briana Jaydenooj

e1000 driver installer Takes a bit of time to find all the drivers
28.09.2014 / Makayla49

e1000 driver downloader Simple and quick
20.12.2014 / stormyEricGrantem

e1000 driver reviewer too glad to have this e1000 fiasco put behind me
31.03.2013 / Ethan Karsonoot

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User Comments and Suggestions: E1000

...The damaged e1000 really needs to be taken off, and an up graded driver has to come in its place ...Jaida Anabelleyh23/7/2014

...In order to quickly conquer these, the responsible vendor retains featuring changed and superior editions of the device drivers, now and then Downloading e1000...Aubrey Todduj2/6/2014

... However, e1000 together with other drivers, would likely set out to produce performance conflicts on occasions - because they could become useless (and / or broken in certain ways) ...CristalBroganah3/4/2014

...Oftentimes, tiny not known errors and undiscovered bugs might be brought on by old drivers ...Hadley20/2/2014

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e1000 is Windows 8 Compatible e1000 is Windows 7 Compatible e1000 is awarded 5 stars by Softpedia e1000 is norton scanned and GeekFiles approved
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